The parish Sacramental Programme in preparation for First Holy Communion is geared to children in Year 3 in Primary School (though older children who have missed the programme when they were in Year 3 are still welcome to join). Until a few years ago this had been combined with preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, but this is no longer the case and Confirmation is now being prepared separately at a slightly older age.

This First Communion programme, (which will also bring the children to the Sacrament of First Reconciliation), begins with meetings for parents, but the most important aspect is not special meetings, events or courses for the children - it is simply about growing in their sense of belonging to the church family. Most of the preparation will be covered in the context of Sunday Mass (or Saturday evening if this is easier). After all, when the children receive Holy Communion for the first time, they are, in effect, saying "Now I'm fully a part of this community, this Family of God!" What could mean more now, than simply growing accustomed to regular involvement in the Mass and really gaining that sense, with family and friends in prayer and worship, that they genuinely do belong?



ALL INFORMATION REGARDING FUTURE EVENTS BELOW IS NOW ON HOLD. Please stay engaged with us during these unprecedented times, and we will keep you informed by email as plans and guidelines continue to evolve. Please keep in prayer all your fellow parishioners, and indeed everyone facing the current Coronavirus crisis. Please pray for our Government and scientific advisors that we will receive the best possible guidance, and please keep all our healthcare workers in your prayers as they work so hard in such difficult circumstances. May God bless you all.



Thank you to all those who attended one of the meetings on Tuesday 4th or Thursday 6th February, at which dates/times for First Holy Communion were allocated. If you have not yet received your allocation, please contact Mrs Darcy at St Gilbert's School, on 0161 789 5035 (during school hours).

A handout was discussed and given to the children at the meeting, helping them to revise the key responses at Mass and listing a few other things which it will be helpful for them to know. Please go through the handout from time to time with them - if it gets lost we can always provide a replacement, and it can also be viewed and downloaded here.

We will shortly be announcing a further meeting in preparation for the Sacrament of First Reconciliation. Please check back here and in the parish newsletter for more information.



KEY DATES for 2020

Meetings to prepare for First Reconciliation

Thank you to all who came along to our preparatory meetings for First Reconciliation. If you were not able to attend, or if your child has lost their information sheet, a copy can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

Reconciliation Services with the Parish

Monday 16th March, 6pm at Holy Cross

The other sessions were cancelled because of the escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic.
We will make other arrangements later.

First Holy Communion Masses

We now know that the planned First Communion dates will have to be changed. The scheduled dates and times were as follows and all places had been allocated, but these no longer apply and alternative arrangements will be made when we have more information about the timing and manner of our reopening. Please bear with us, and with each other, during this difficult time. Thank you.

Saturday 20th June, 6.15pm Mass at Holy Cross
Sunday 21st June, 9.30am Mass at St Mary's
Sunday 21st June, additional Mass at 2.00pm at St Mary's
Sunday 28th June, 11.00am Mass at Holy Cross
Sunday 28th June, additional Mass at 2.00pm at Holy Cross

Presentation of Certificates

First Communion Certificates will be presented at all Masses on the weekend of 11th/12th July


Please continue to keep all the children and their families in your prayers.