The Sacramental Programme for Confirmation and First Holy Communion is currently under review in this Diocese. Therefore once again, for this academic year (2018/19), there is only a programme of preparation for First Holy Communion, and it is geared to Year 3 in Primary School (though older children who have missed the programme when they were in Year 3 are still welcome to join).

The programme, (which will also bring the children to the Sacrament of First Reconciliation), begins with meetings for parents, but the most important aspect is not special meetings, events or courses for the children - it is simply about growing in their sense of belonging to the church family. Most of the preparation will be covered in the context of Sunday Mass (or Saturday evening if this is easier). After all, when the children receive Holy Communion for the first time, they are, in effect, saying "Now I'm fully a part of this community, this Family of God!" What could mean more now, than simply growing accustomed to regular involvement in the Mass and really gaining that sense, with family and friends in prayer and worship, that they genuinely do belong?



Congratulations to all the children who have now completed their journey, and have celebrated Holy Communion for the first time. We hope they will continue to be a part of our parish family, and are welcoming applicants for the Altar Serving teams, the choirs, the welcomers and various other ways in which they can become more deeply involved at either of our churches.

Certificates can still be presented at the end of Saturday evening or Sunday Mass if your child has not already been presented. Just let Fr Martin know before Mass - or give a day's notice if you would like the presentation at St Marys, as they are held at Holy Cross and would need to be brought across.

Group Photos are available to order from the church, and orders will be mada available as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your support throughout the programme.

Please continue to keep all the children and their families in your prayers.